Preserving the Legacy of Faith

If we do not tell our story, the world will tell them for us and they will misconstrue the real essence of the Church which is spiritual and can only be properly articulated by revelation.

We Love to Honor and Document the Lives and Ministry of Legends of Faith.

God places great emphasis on the chronicles of the lives of men and women who step out of the ordinary to walk with Him and lay down a legacy of faith for future generations to follow. A great portion of the Bible is actually the historical account of the lives, struggles, conquest and faith of many heroes of faith. From the time of the early Church till this contemporary generation, God has continued to raise anointed vessels to advance the cause of the Kingdom on earth. These men and women are people who have defied all odds, and in the strength of the Spirit of God, they have quenched the flames of fire, broken the jaw of lions, overcame extreme adversities, established great institutions and congregations. Many have caused mighty waves of the Spirit resulting in the salvation of entire cities or nations.

Legends of Faith Mediums

Many 21st Century Christian Leaders pour out their lives as precious offering to impact their generation and bring great revivals that changes lives of countless millions. Much of what is largely publicised in secular media about front line gospel ministries negates their aactual life of sacrifice, devotion to God and humanity and sometimes loneliness. The Legends of Faith biography aims to correct that notion by writing carefully researh biographies of exceptional Christian Leaders from a Faith-based context. This will also preserve their legacy and leave a message on printed pages to inspire future generations.

The post modern culture has adopted images as a way of communication. There are tons of apps that let people share their everyday life through pictures. We believe that it is important for the Body of Christ to preserve the authentic evidence of great and mighty things which God is doing in forms of picture biography which can trace the life and works of Legends of Faith in sequence.

We capture motion pictures of remarkable miracles, massive revivals, historical crusades and stories of humble beginnings which we put all together in a masterfully produced documentary for broadcast around the world. Many inspiring stories have been told of many who committed their heart to God after watching documentaries of past heroes of faith, who defied all odds and stepped out in faith to fulfil their divine destiny. As the Lord opens the door, the Legends of Faith will continue to produce High Definition quality documentaries and movies on the life and ministry of contemporary leaders.

Secular leaders often build monuments and or libraries to preserve their legacy. The International Legacy Centre will be a museum of Church history and revival movements. We will collate and archive those artifact in both digital and hardcopy form in order to keep a record of every work, messages, pictures and souveniers on Legends of Faith. This centre will be a place of inspiration, an eddifice of hope and faith which will preserve the historicity of the Present Age Church as well as inspire future generations.


The legends of Faith Series is a God-given and God-ordained work. Everyone who has borne the scars of the cross deserve to be mentioned.

Late. Dr. T.L Osborn Osborn International

This initiative will change the world view of the Gospel all over the world. Its a creative and welcome idea.

Archbishop N. Duncan Williams Action Chapel

This is a fantastic work, no one could embark on this magnanimous vision without the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Bishop Corletta J Vaughn Go Tell It Ministries

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